Not Interesting

arounding, arounding,
and arounding
my head is dizzying
the noise make my head spinning
they are clamoring
and bustling
everyone is busying
from the morning
the glass is falling and breaking
my aunt let her daughter wear clothing
the dress is pink
the man is fishing
the police catch the man who is thieving
the boxers are on the ring
he make his enemy is falling by rolling
a basketballer is glancing through the ring
then he let the ball is falling
the telephone is ringing
kring… kring…
the clothesline is almost drying
the students are counting
the patient was lying
the doctors are gossiping
before they are curing
the coconut milk is in filtering
my lamp is blinking
whereas I am blogging
the blog who is not interesting

I’m sorry because it is not good. This is the translation from my previous blog “Tidak Penting”. I was tried to made an English version. But, my composition is very bad. Off course, cause my previous nlog is bad too. Just for the -ing rhyme. And as you know, I’m not fluent writing and speaking English. I hope in my English exam I will get the best.

Latansa I. D. E.


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