Abt ’em

  • What happened with ’em?
  • It means ‘them’
  • They are two of my friends who chatted w/ me . I think u kno ’em.
  • Sumtimes people never understand what they do .
  • I kno they’re in love each other .
  • But theres no relationship between ’em .
  • Its just hanging .They relationship will complicated and hanging w/out clearness.
  • Before one of them say .
  • It gonna make one of them become hurt.
  • And the destination is in they hands .
  • What do u think ?
  • What is IMO?
  • i kno they’re single .
  • How do u kno ??
  • Ya i kno they’re single .
  • How do u kno abt that ?
  • What do u think abt that problem ?
  • Why do u say that ?
  • Whats wrong ?
  • I need ur opinion .
  • C’mon .
  • Just give it to help me know what can i do if sumday i gotta this problem .
  • Yes i kno
  • but just pray w/out work will be nothing.
  • What do u think abt her felt ?
  • Why do u think she is u ?
  • I think u are a little bit sensitive abt this.
  • Do u ever felt this way before? Maybe? Im not her heart which kno hows her feel.
  • Even she is not an open gurl. She seldom told me her felt.
  • Although im ready to hear her story.
  • U kno? Sumtimes i wanna make her become an open gurl. Not a close gurl.
  • Just being like an ordinary gurl.
  • But i kno its a difficult work .
  • Its so difficult .
  • she usually quiet when i ask her sumthing abt love. however it isnt an unusual fact..
  • Idk

You just make me confusing with your questions.


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