• In a year Chinese people spend about 45 billion of chopsticks.Every year million trees are subsiding.
  • Do you know? Too much use chop sticks made the pain of joint in our hand.
  • In Chinese, there is a folktale abut chopsticks. If in the hell, people are eat by the very long chopsticks.The foods are in front of they but they can’t eat the foods. While in the heaven, people use the very long chopsticks too. Different with the people in the hell, in the heaven people are very happy. Because they give the foods to the person who in front of they. Consequently, they can eat easily.
  • Some people recycle the bamboo chopsticks with sulphurous or other cleaner to sell them again. But, the germs are still live in the chopsticks.
  • In the 6th-7th century, there are silver on the chopsticks to detected the toxin in the foods.


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