The Random Song Game #nowplaying

go to any media player

click “all music”

turn “shuffle” on

answer the following questions using the title of the song u come up with by clicking on the “next” button

NOTE: the songs must be typed/translated in English… with or without artist.

What is your funeral song going to be? – Silk Road. (lol)

Are going to have a spouse? – Azzam and Jihad (both?)

What is your theme song with your mother? – Quake (ugh)

Is tomorrow going to be fine? – Metamorphosis (yay!)

Do you need a shower? – Suppose (huh?)

What is your theme song with your enemy? – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (yeah right)

with your pet? – Dissappointed (o.0)

What is your future like? – Koi (does this mean?….)

Will you forget your past? – Instruct Me (yeah right)

What is your life’s song? – It’s Not Over (yehey!)

Are you going to Timbuktu? – For Bestfriend (really?)

What about Grandpa? – Red Wine (hah!)

How is Tomiko doing? – Human (Who is Tomiko?)

Are Tuesdays good for you?- Skippin’ Town (huh?)

Your song with Ban-chan? – The Earth For Ours (*coughs* Ban-chan? Bati?)

How many kids do you want? – Your Love is Beautiful (haha)

Are you pretty/handsome? – Today News (awww…i am strongly pretty!)


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