30-DAY CHALLENGE DAY 4: The Meaning Behind My Tumblr Name

ImageI’ve already wrote about this when I mingled with Multiply years ago.


In the name of Allah …


Got this task from Bro Chusnul Mustain.



Name is the calling or label given to objects, people, places, products (e.g. branded products) and even an idea or concept, normally used to distinguish one another. Name can be used to identify a group or just an object in the context of the unique or given.


No other, purpose of this writing is:
1. Making contact with other people to write this task too (up to you).
2. Enliven this site because writing was as important as breathing.


My ID originated from two words, latansa and ide.


Comes from my first name. Derived from Arabic which means do not forget. I’ve often discussed about my name, so it’s not proper to explain.


ide (in Indonesian means idea)
In Big Indonesian Dictionary (Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia/ KBBI), the idea is a design made up in the mind. Means the same as ideals. Idea in the study of Greek philosophy and Islamic philosophy involves a complete picture imajinal passing quickly. For example, the idea of a spoon, scoop up in an intact form in mind. As long as the idea has not been changed into a concept with real text or images, the idea is still in the mind.

My early purpose actually not the idea in the literal sense, but the IDE of my name, which is Izzata Dien Elam. Thus, this site titled IDE-IDE Latansa, not Ide-Ide Latansa. Lucky for people who read this post. It’s my first time I wrote my full name here.<–which is now is not


It is up to you to interpret anything from this ID. As long as it’s not a bad thing, I give a big appreciation in the interpreting.


This ID is the ID of all the online ID that I have, except for telecom (telkom) email address, latanplat@telkom.net. Since long time unopened, may be forfeited. I’ve also used latansaizz ID for yahoo, burned since one half of the semester I was not open it. Hopefully, naming this ID can be characteristic and makes me never lack of ideas.


1. Internet
2. Previous Posts
3. The idea of Brain


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